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Curriculum planning

Currently department faculty consists of 19 full time professors at all ranks; expecting a teacher/student ratio of 1:6.67 in the future.

Students in junior or senior years are expected to take “Experiments for optoelectronic and material studies”, a course specially designed for small group learning. Each student will join one of the research labs and participate in group meeting. To summarize the hands-on experience he or she learned during the semester each student is expected to deliver an oral presentation of special topic in final weeks. Students can take an elective - “Writing, Presenting in English with Technical Content” - to enhance their presentation skill in English.

By combining the resources of graduate Institute of Material Engineering and Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences this department provides a long list of advance courses on both fields; many of which are interdisciplinary in nature. Under professor’s guidance students with solid knowledge base can tailor their electives to fit their interests.