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Institute of  Materials  Engineering was founded at National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung in 1993. In the age of rapid development of optoelectronic industry in Taiwan, Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences was established in 1997 to fulfill the increasing demand of workforce with adequate background. 

Faculty members of both Institutes share the insight of combining resources to create new research possibilities. In 2015, Department of Undergraduate Program of Optoelectronics and Materials Technology was created as the first step of fusing Institute of  Materials  Engineering and Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences together.

In 2018, Department  of  Optoelectronics and Materials Technology (OMT) was founded at the same university as one of the pioneering academic department with interdisciplinary in nature. 

aboutCurrently, this department consists of a faculty family of 19 professors at all ranks; with enrollment of more than 60 graduate students in master and Ph.D program, and a capacity of  100 undergraduate students.

Core courses are designed to prepare undergraduate students with solid foundation in materials science and optoelectronics physics. Students still have freedom to take a variety of professional courses to build their own skills and knowledge base.

In junior and senior semesters students are welcome joining laboratories and discussion groups organized by professors to acquire academic skills and expertise required in professional life. 

For highly motivated students with outstanding performance OMT also provides a five-year combined Bachelor-Master program for accelerated studies.

Since OMT was formed by merging two graduate institute students have unique opportunity to experience the joy of research breakthrough in laboratories. All research facilities are open to faculty members and students.

The department features a complete range of research facilities, a majority of which are precision instruments.