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1082 Elective related matters

* Selection schedule:

1082 First Stage Computer Course Selection: 108.12.2 (I) ~ 108.12.6 (F)

1082 Computer Elective Lottery: 108.12.13 (Fri) ~ 108.12.17 (2)

1082 Second Stage Computer Elective: 108.12.30 (Mon) ~ 109.1.3 (Fri)

1082 Freshman Computer Courses: 109.2.12 (Wed.) to 109.2.21 (Fri.)

1082 Third-stage computer course selection for old students: 109.2.14 (Fri.) to 109.2.21 (Fri.)

1082 Special application for artificial selection: 109.2.24 (Mon.) to 109.2.27 (Thu.)

1082 Online confirmation deadline for elective courses: 109.3.6 (Fri)


* The graduate students of the Graduate School and Ph.D. who are admitted after the 105 academic year (including) must add a compulsory "Academic Research Ethics (0 credits)" course. Students must log in to study online and take tests. The system will automatically preselect the required courses. Students need to read 15 core units and pass the online total test (the correct answer rate is over 85%) to obtain the certificate of course completion. Note: The group will transfer the results from the system into the teaching affairs system at the end of the semester. Please pay special attention to the graduate students.

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