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Place, time and description of the 109 school year entrance examination

Announcement of Materials Group, Department of Optoelectronics and Materials Science and Technology, National Taiwan Ocean University

November 8, 108

On November 15, 108, the Japanese Department of Materials Group's 109 academic year master's class screening entrance exam, location, time and description are as follows:

Master's screening entrance exam time
Step Admission ticket scope Speaking time
1 891000001 ~891000010 9:30~11:10
2 891000011~891000018 11:20~12:40
lunch break
3 891000019~891000023 13:10~14:00

Tong Ming:

  1. The scheduled interview time is based on the admission ticket number. Students who participate in the oral exam should arrive early and report to the Registration Office on the first floor of the Comprehensive Research Center.
  2. The location of the oral test is Room 302, 3F of the Comprehensive Research Center Building.
  3. Please prepare a 5 minute personal briefing for each oral test candidate.
  4. Don't be late to avoid affecting your rights.

The notes for the 109-year master's class test interview of the Material Group of Ocean University's Department of Optoelectronic Materials are as follows:

  1.  A single-gun projector and computer have been prepared for your use that day.
  2.  Simply bring the presentation file to the computer on the day.
  3.  It is recommended to use a USB flash drive and a CD-ROM to store a briefing content (the file name is also recommended to save a ppt file and a pdf file).
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